How To Take Care Of Your Customer When They Are In The Mid-Land Of Your Open Safari-Tanzania?

Tanzania Safari.jpg

Africa isn’t just beautiful, it is achingly beautiful. But the darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it. Click to Tanzania Safari Tours and watch how we are providing our services to clients. There is always something new in Africa. No visit to Africa is worthless. We are not telling this. They are Andrea and Oksana a young couple from Italy, Europe, who visited Africa sometime in the late june last year for the 3rd time have left this review.

We got Andrea and Oksana from Safari Booking, the largest Safari Booking Platform, who landed in Tanzania on a 5 day tour package with Wild root safaris on their Tanzania Safari Tours. They were given a warm welcome to our land and straight way driven to the hotel to chill in comfort with the fixed schedule that to start for Serengeti on day after to watch the ferocious animals wandering freely with the local tribes. On their way to hotel , they seemed to be extremely curious for the next day site seeing.

This was the first day of their Tanzania Safari Tours. It was around 5 o clock in the morning when we approached to Serengeti NP . The sun was just rising up to bid good morning to every living being. The darkness was slowly disappearing with the soft reddish rays of the rising sun. The resting animals were waking up to graze. This is the moment when they watched the greatest natural wonder in Savannah, 1.5 million of wild animals spreading across 150,000 square miles of woodlands, hills and open plains. They stood speechless. I remember, Andrea said, “No beauty can surpass this”. He added, “it is not amazing, it is incredible”.  When the day grew more we drove through the National park. They were eagerly watching to the grazing animals from open roof.  Sometimes we took the vehicle more close to the sleeping tigers in the shade. It was awesome and offered a great photographic opportunity. They said” nice to experience a tiger on the other side of the window glass, terrifying but exciting.” The warm kiss of the tiger that could be felt on the other side of the glass was horrific but romantic.



On their way back to hotel, they made a video in which the Wild root guide asked them how they feel of Safari. And the answer was” It impressed very much, 100% impressive, nice, so many animals, new immigration”. Praising to the guide they quoted” Guide is nice, unique, excellent and perfect. Not following other cars, finding our own ways”. In fact we do not take the track that others take. We always try to give the untouched beauty of Tanzania to our visitors, so we travel along those, less travelled. We know video is a testimonial and you can feel our truthfulness by playing our video once on your screen.

It is not only for the Europeans, rather we keep our door open for the people world around to book us for making their tour to Africa once in a life time achievement. We extend utmost comfort to our visitors with most comfortable open roofed vans and let them to view the nature from the closest. We serve our customers from arrival to departure remain 24 hours alert to attend their needs. Taste, trust and tag us with you on your African tour.

The Wild Root Safaris is your unlimited wild travel partner. Just click on ……. To find us.


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