5 Facts About Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing That Provide The Best Adventure Summit

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
Why is Kilimanjaro one of a kind summit? There are lots of articles riffling all over Internet. Some inspiring, some warning, but fact remains the same, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is one of the best summits. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned climber, the charm of Kilimanjaro is hard to resist. But what’s important is to know basics of this climb. Let’s start with the facts that make it so popular.The first thing that makes Kilimanjaro popular is that even if it is one the seven highest peaks, it requires zero climbing experience to start with. For Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, there is no need of ropes and other technical equipment for summit. All you need is to be fit and willing to reach the top. With the basic facts about Kilimanjaro, success is just a step away. With high altitude mountain, comes climatic changes that your body needs to adjust with. That’s what we will discuss how to prepare and what to prepare.

There are some basic facts about Kilimanjaro that can make or break your adventure even before you start your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing adventure. Here are top 5 facts that will prepare and guide you to the top:

  1. 1 Registered guide: Without a registered and experienced guide you can’t even begin your climbing adventure. Mountains are unpredictable. Locals with knowledge are your better chances at success.
  2. 2 Rainy seasons: Never summit in rainy seasons. And Kilimanjaro possesses 2 rainy seasons. Mid March to Mid June and October to November.
  3. Altitude adjustment mantras: The 3 mantras for successful summiting-
  • Climb high, sleep low
  • Go slow and
  • Drink lots of water
  1. 4 Vegetation seasons: You will cross 4 types of vegetations on the way. Forest, Desert, Highlands, Snow peaks. Apart from altitude, be prepared for these anti-climactic changes that your body will face-off.
  1. 6 Climbing routes: It gives better chances at success with so many opportunities to choose. Pick the route you are comfortable with.

Many travel companies come up to help. But WILDROOT SAFARIS is a company that believe in being a part of your adventure. Our local knowledge and years of experience guide you and help you design your routes and helping you with every Kilimanjaro intricacies that no other company can provide. That’s why we have thousands of success story to tell and plan to do more. Every individual with a climbing dream is a challenge that we endeavour in winning.

Start planning your dream now and book for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours now. For any other questions on Kilimanjaro, write or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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