Tips On Tanzania Warnings Or Dangers To Stay Safe

Most of the people plan a Safari doesn’t know much about the land they are visiting too. May it be Europe, Africa or Asia; it is always wise to collect maximum possible information regarding the land you have proposed to visit. Sometimes a minor ignorance can invite a great trouble for you in a foreign land. Every continent or country claims that, their people exhibit the maximum hospitality to the outside visitors. But practically the chance is negligible. Whether you are planning for a Europe Tour or an African Safari ,  it is always wise to first get updated about the rules and regulations, social culture, people’s behaviour towards visitors, Governments response to the visitors, diseases and the medical facilities available, how secured the country is,  , food , culture are a few. This would not only make your vacation risk free rather enjoyable and you would have every penny back of your dollar.

If we would look at the trend of world tourism, then Africa would even stand much ahead of Africa. It is because the modernisation and the urbanisation have made people tired of. Now the taste of the people has changed. They want more and more to travel on unbeaten tracks of nature leaving the crowded cities thousands miles away to have peace of mind and solace. This is why people around the world are thinking more and more of the Tanzania Safari Tours, to immerse with the grand beauty of nature that the almighty has bestowed to this black continent in the form of vast savannahs, lush forests, towering mountains, flamingo filled rivers and lakes and above all the African Animal world in their natural habitats which make Africa the land of wilds.   And it is obvious: when think of African Safari, Tanzania comes up first into mind. As it is dashing in nature and varied with creature.

One of the continent’s most Iconic Safari Destinations, Tanzania is a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in the wonder of the African bush and beaches. Some of the best beaches on earth can be found in the Zanzibar archipelago, and Mafia Island is equally idyllic. Apart from beaches, Tanzania is the home to some of the world famous National Parks and Game Reserves like Katavi, Selous, Ruaha, Tarangire , Ngorongoro and Serengeti ( where the greatest show of the Animals World is staged ). Hiking up the tallest mountain is an exceptional feeling for the Adventure seekers. The maximum numbers of people Book Tanzania Safari are from Europe and the best part of the country is that although it is a multilingual nation with many different indigenous languages, Swahili and English are the official languages and spoken widely in the country. Hence one would not feel the problem of communication gap as found in many other tourist destinations in the world.

Going on a Tanzania Safari and watching the animals roaming unfenced in its National Parks, is like a dream that comes true. Tanzania sources the maximum numbers of tourists than any other African nation. But is it safe. If you would consider from the common point of view no country is 100% safe. There must be some unrest: may be social or political, may be some insurgencies and so on. Yet tourism never stops. Visiting Tanzania is a bucket-list experience for many people. But as with any tourist destination, there are some warnings and dangers to be aware of before you go. Here are some tips on how to stay safe in Tanzania.

Be Careful Which Safari You Choose

Tanzanian Safari involves several wildlife game drives, staying in remote locations, and observing the behaviour and Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing of the highest mountain. All are adventurous tours which need stamina, determination and above all a good health condition in some instances. For example, if you are a weak hearted one going for a night camping in any of the Tanzanian National Park, It might be problematic for you. So before planning a Safari To Tanzania you should gather the information regarding various Safaris and select the best that suits to your physical condition and health status. Game drive can be done by anybody; but mountaineering and Tanzania Balloon Safaris are some of the tasks that may not be possible for everyone trying.

Frostbite and Altitude Sickness On Kilimanjaro

m0hkj3-b78921727z.120120306151103000g1515sk1e.2Frostbite that leads to the loss of fingers and toes rarely happens to trekkers on Kilimanjaro. Take severe precaution for it from the stage of ‘frostnip’: the first stage of frostbite. As the first indication fingers or toes become cold and painful, then numb and white. Heat them up on a warm part of the body (eg an armpit) until the colour comes back. In cases of severe frostbite the affected part of the body becomes frozen. Immersion in warm water (40ºC or 100ºF) is the treatment. Seeking for medical help is a must.

High altitude sickness is a serious issue for the Kili climbers. It is very difficult to predict who will be affected. Fitness has little impact on it. If you are suffering from the disease then stay back from ascending and if you felt it on half way, then take some preventive measures like, drink much water, don’t keep your stomach empty, trek very slowly and always keep “Diamox” with you. It is effective in enhancing the speed of acclimatization and reducing the symptoms of altitude sickness. But the best way is to postpone or stop the hiking.

Malaria and Yellow Fever

YELLOW+PICHATanzania is prone to the risk of contracting diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Apart from the vaccinations before entering into Tanzania, you also should take some of the precautions like use of net, mosquito repellents and it is always wise to carry some preventive medicines with you. In case of any seriousness seek the help of a doctor immediately.


Untitled3Pick pocketing or stealing of things is a common issue at various tourist destinations, may be at your homeland or in a foreign land. Be cautious while carrying your bag and baggage to the destinations. Don’t live them alone, if you don’t have a closed door vehicle. Leave your valuables (both papers and materials) at the hotel. Don’t loiter alone anywhere without the knowledge of your guide.

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