Take the best opportunity of Tanzania Budget safari to roam in a different world.

Tanzania Budget Safari

Are you interested to take an adventure which makes your trip ever memorable? We have some once in a lifetime vacation option if you and your family love adventures. Tanzania is today one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world, for any type of vacation, wildlife safaris, cultural tours and beach holidays. The country offers a wide and rich selection of top class game parks and reserves. Africa offers a variety of Tanzania Budget Safaris to suit all tastes, from game viewing adventures in Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous and other top Tanzania Game Parks to Island retreats to Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro Treks. The memories will remain in your heart forever.

Tanzania – What Do You Think About It?

When you think of wonderful, exotic and unspoiled Tanzania, what first comes to mind? It’s The jungle, the animals, or the natural parks or The warm weather year round, safari, and sundresses of the lovely native women or The excitement of the native African culture, the drums, the dance, the culture the food, the fun, the incredible economy, the romance, Because Tanzania Has all these things and much more and Tanzania Budget Safari can bring you all these. Truly Tanzania is an undiscovered treasure.

Tanzania Budget Safari- This Is What You Are Bound To Experience

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A planning for Tanzania Budget Safari can take you too many unexplored treasures of Tanzania. If you are looking for adventure, Tanzania budget safaris will include the best tours to various game parks and game reserves. You will adventure the exotic beauty of the landscapes, the wide variety of wildlife, golden beaches along the Indian Ocean and also a variety of birds. All the adventure safari packages are specifically designed in a way you will find them fantastic and with an everlasting experience. Before beginning on this great adventure you should take the time to plan to ensure you get the best out of this life changing experience.

A trip to a country with more than 120 tribes, each having their own language, world famous mountains and islands can be more exciting and action-packed with WILD ROOT SAFARI AND ADVENTURES, a native travel agency of Tanzania, organising the Tanzania Budge Safari tours world over. As a local agency it has in depth knowledge on sightseeing locations, language and culture which keep high value for a successful travel trip. For those looking for customized safaris, be sure that our knowledgeable, friendly and professional consultants will work closely with you to develop that itinerary which best suits you at no extra cost. Enjoy the original African safari experience with us on a Tanzania safari budget safari.


How To Take Care Of Your Customer When They Are In The Mid-Land Of Your Open Safari-Tanzania?

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Africa isn’t just beautiful, it is achingly beautiful. But the darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it. Click to Tanzania Safari Tours and watch how we are providing our services to clients. There is always something new in Africa. No visit to Africa is worthless. We are not telling this. They are Andrea and Oksana a young couple from Italy, Europe, who visited Africa sometime in the late june last year for the 3rd time have left this review.

We got Andrea and Oksana from Safari Booking, the largest Safari Booking Platform, who landed in Tanzania on a 5 day tour package with Wild root safaris on their Tanzania Safari Tours. They were given a warm welcome to our land and straight way driven to the hotel to chill in comfort with the fixed schedule that to start for Serengeti on day after to watch the ferocious animals wandering freely with the local tribes. On their way to hotel , they seemed to be extremely curious for the next day site seeing.

This was the first day of their Tanzania Safari Tours. It was around 5 o clock in the morning when we approached to Serengeti NP . The sun was just rising up to bid good morning to every living being. The darkness was slowly disappearing with the soft reddish rays of the rising sun. The resting animals were waking up to graze. This is the moment when they watched the greatest natural wonder in Savannah, 1.5 million of wild animals spreading across 150,000 square miles of woodlands, hills and open plains. They stood speechless. I remember, Andrea said, “No beauty can surpass this”. He added, “it is not amazing, it is incredible”.  When the day grew more we drove through the National park. They were eagerly watching to the grazing animals from open roof.  Sometimes we took the vehicle more close to the sleeping tigers in the shade. It was awesome and offered a great photographic opportunity. They said” nice to experience a tiger on the other side of the window glass, terrifying but exciting.” The warm kiss of the tiger that could be felt on the other side of the glass was horrific but romantic.



On their way back to hotel, they made a video in which the Wild root guide asked them how they feel of Safari. And the answer was” It impressed very much, 100% impressive, nice, so many animals, new immigration”. Praising to the guide they quoted” Guide is nice, unique, excellent and perfect. Not following other cars, finding our own ways”. In fact we do not take the track that others take. We always try to give the untouched beauty of Tanzania to our visitors, so we travel along those, less travelled. We know video is a testimonial and you can feel our truthfulness by playing our video once on your screen.

It is not only for the Europeans, rather we keep our door open for the people world around to book us for making their tour to Africa once in a life time achievement. We extend utmost comfort to our visitors with most comfortable open roofed vans and let them to view the nature from the closest. We serve our customers from arrival to departure remain 24 hours alert to attend their needs. Taste, trust and tag us with you on your African tour.

The Wild Root Safaris is your unlimited wild travel partner. Just click on ……. To find us.

You can turn undo to do by planning for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing?

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.jpgWhat comes to your mind when you are thinking of climbing? Do you want to have thrill? Worried about a mountain that is easy to climb? Mount Kilimanjaro is waiting for you. Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is one of the top and most popular outdoor activities who love adventure and thrilling activities. It is an ultimate pinnacle of a Tanzanian adventure, a task that is not as out of your reach as you may think and which can be achieved by anyone with no mountaineering experience. Just think of how you will tell the rest of the world of your glorious achievement of standing on the top of Kilimanjaro, once you return home!

One of the tallest and largest mountains in the world Mount Kilimanjaro lies on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. It is one of the easiest mountains to climb because it has smooth steep slopes and few landslides except near the top of kibo. z through various climatic conditions starting from the bush land from the bottom of the mountain to the Arctic ice region on the top is ecstatic. Travellers will pass through the tropical rain forests, the evergreen forests, the moorlands and the alpine desert regions in between; it is something like walking from the equator to the North Pole in a matter of days. You get to see unique plants and flowers on the mountain which is specific to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is a once in a lifetime experience. In this sense.Hence it should be added in your list while visiting to Tanzania. You can climb the mountain on any day easily in route you want to take. The feeling is incomparable once you reach the summit. You will understand why the name of the mountain is a metaphor that compels the beauty of East Africa. Your proper clothing, equipment and strong determination would make it  easy for you to reach the summit. Once you reach at the summit you will earn climbing certificates. To know more you can visit websites that offer touring services at Mount Kilimanjaro.Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.jpg

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing not only offers a wonderful scenic vistas but a thrilling experience too. Explore the Mount Kilimanjaro with us , the most experience agency Wild Root Safaris And Adventures ,a Tanzanian registered company having 11 years of experience in making mountaineering and we know how to create a special holiday experience with standard packages tour. We leave all our customers with an everlasting memory of their visit to this fascinating land of wilds by making their trip stress free and full of events.

How Exciting The Tanzania Safari Tours Will Be For Friends And Family?

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Is it right, taking a safari tour fascinating you deep inside? Do you love wildlife and nature and enjoy trekking and tracking animals? Whatever your interest might be, a Tanzania safari tours will give you all those that you need for a successful Safari. You will have the opportunity to visit to some of the most exciting and adventurous parks such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater and Mount Kilimanjaro where you will get a perfect view of why the land is famous for? Every of the destinations would give you maximum opportunity to have a good time with friends and family. The combination of varied wildlife, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals would make your trip something unforgettable.

Tanzania is today one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world – for any type of vacation, wildlife safaris, cultural tours and beach holidays. Wildlife lovers have a choice of two very different safari routes- referred to as the northern and southern circuits. Traditionally, Tanzania Safari Tours have been concentrated in the north which happens to harbour Serengeti national park. The north is popular with tourist mainly because of the eighth wonder of the world, which is the migration of over a million wildebeests from Tanzania to Kenya. Many love to watch the hunting of the wildebeests and other herbivores by the big five cats and other predators.


Tanzania Safari Tours has all the aspects you may need in a safari.  All the destination of Tanzania can fulfil your heart’s desires and give you a great memorable experience in your life. This tour will be more enjoyable and adventurous as you can choose to have adventure sports including balloon safaris, water sports, deep sea fishing, diving and mountain climbing. And therefore, Tanzania is a major attraction amongst the adventure freaks. So, you can think about what you will do in Tanzania to make your tour memorable, enjoyable, safe and affordable. You can consult an experienced and efficient safari tour operator.

If you are keeping interest to go on a Tanzania Safari Tours then contact us, the WILD ROOT SAFARIS AND ADVENTURES. We are one of the Tanzania’s leading experiential tour and Travel Company. We have been designing personalised luxury safari in Tanzania. We offer best affordable packages for walking safaris, Culture tour Educational and Sports Tour in Zanzibar beach holiday, Honeymoon packages, Big game Photographic Safaris, Budget camping safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Meru climbing, Standard lodges safaris as well as luxury lodges safaris. We operate safaris to all such as Northern, Southern, Western National Park and Game reserves in Tanzania. Make your Tanzania safari tours comfortable and memorable with us.

Get Awesome Adventures Opportunities On Your Tanzania Safari Tours?

tanzania-safari-tours-2Are you dreaming of travelling through exotic locations? Have you longed for the ultimate adventure that nature has to offer? Do you love wildlife and nature and enjoy trekking and tracking of animals? You will certainly enjoy a Tanzania safari if you want all these. Whatever your interests are, Tanzania Safari Tours will offer you the best of experiences in the wildlife. You can see varieties of bird’s life; the big fives include leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino or just visit many of the excellent parks Tanzania has to offer. If you want a holiday destination that promises you exotic experiences and adventure up close to nature then a safari is the best choice.

When someone thinks of Africa, he will be probably thinking of Tanzania Safari Tours. It is in this beautiful country in East Africa that some of the continent’s most glowing images come to life. Explore its Snow-capped Kilimanjaro, rhinos standing proudly in Ngorongoro Crater and Wildebeests groups crossing a river full of crocodiles in the Serengeti plains. Tanzania offers a wide range of safaris for both first timer and seasoned supporters. Only the great migration in Serengeti is the spectacular mystery in Tanzania that worth’s to every penny you spend. 1.5 million Animals will be migrating towards Massai Mara of Kenya in search of the fresh pasture, giving birth to the calves on the way. The game between the prey and the predators is awesome to behold.


Tanzania Safari Tours has all the aspects you may need in a safari, it is the only destination that can fulfil your heart’s desires and give you a great memorable experience in your life. What actually beautifies this country is the fantastic landscape that nature has designed so well along with the adventurous collection of the wild animals. Besides viewing the animals, there are other activities to participant in such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking as well as diving the coastal waters and viewing the marine life. All you experience here will remain with you as unforgettable memories   throughout your life.

Include more excitement to your Tanzania Safari Tours with us the Wild Root Safaris based in Arusha Tanzania. We can give you the best of Tanzania. We are arranging various types of safaris along with the car rental services to our customers in reasonable price to make their tour more comfortable and easy going. We are offering everything from high quality, classic style safaris to secluded Africa adventures. We offer best affordable packages for walking safaris, Culture tour Educational and Sports Tour in Zanzibar beach holiday, Honeymoon packages, Big game Photographic Safaris, Budget camping safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Meru climbing, Standard lodges safaris as well as luxury lodges safaris. We work with the objective to provide unquestionable travel services to our customers at world class level. Discover us before you plan.